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Cosmetology I & II

In this course, students study hair, skin, and nails and their related care.  Students are grounded in theory as they prepare to practice procedures in a clinical lab setting or classroom, using manikins for manipulative skill practice.  The first-year course emphasizes personal safety, professionalism, and sanitation and disinfection of equipment and facilities.  Students develop skills in shampooing and conditioning hair, as well as styling and cutting hair.  They are introduced to chemical texture services and develop skills in manicure and pedicure procedures.  Students build on their theoretical foundation of general sciences and practices in cosmetology to increase proficiency in hair cutting and styling on live models, with attentional to professionalism, client consultation, safety, and infection control.  Students are trained in safe chemical processes related to permanent waves, relaxers, lightening, and coloring hair.  In addition, students learn to care for skin, hands, and feet, developing experience in providing facials, manicures, pedicures, and nail enhancements.  Students will also be introduced to business management unit with a focus on managing the salon.